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Edwin Rodriguez, LCSW

Edwin Rodriguez, LCSW

Edwin Rodriguez, LCSW

Experience: 20 Year(s)

Specialty: Addiction

Modality: Individual, Couples

Gender: Male

Client Focus: Adults (18-64), Elders (65+)

Language: English

Identities: Black / African American

Appointment Type: Virtual

Clinical Focus:


My “ideal client” if there is such a client is someone who has a desire to deepen their own self awareness. They have some insight into themself and is willing to explore the nature of the problem/s they are presenting with. This ideal client feels safe enough to be vulnerable to explore their own “shadows” (things about themselves that they deny or repress). They are also willing to challenge their own thoughts and belief systems. Feels safe enough to openly discuss any concerns they have about the course of treatment and our work together.

I am genuine and authentic, work to build trust, and remind people I am accountable to them. I may or may not be the best source of “help” – it depends on what we explore together about the nature of the problem and my scope of practice experience, as well as the chemistry that exists between us. Only time and purposeful conversation will determine that.

Wherever you’re at, and whatever is going on, feel very welcome to reach out to me. Expect warm, heartfelt, and serious engagement – this is some of my experiential view of your life.