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A phobia is like a shadow that follows you, an intense fear of something specific. It can feel like a storm of anxiety and panic. At Thrive Psychological Services, you will receive proper guidance if you suffer from phobia. People develop phobias for the following reasons: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder. People with a phobia have an intense, irrational fear over situations or objects that are out of proportion with any actual danger or threat.


However, the fear related to your phobia is so overwhelming that you may do everything possible to avoid the situation or object. 


Phobias affect people of all ages, including young children. But they most often appear during adolescence and continue into adulthood.

Researchers theorize that genetics and environmental factors may play a role in the development of phobias. Many people develop phobias when they have a bad first encounter with the object or situation.  

There are three main types of phobias: specific phobias, social phobia, and agoraphobia.


Specific phobias


Specific phobias include irrational fears over certain objects or situations, such as the fear of spiders or the fear or flying. People with specific phobias may know their fear is irrational, but struggle to manage it.


You may not realize you have a specific phobia until it interferes with your daily activities. 


Social phobia


Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, causes intense fear and worry about being embarrassed or humiliated during social situations. People with social phobia may avoid interacting with others because of these fears.




Agoraphobia is the fear of being trapped in places where it’s hard to escape or difficult to find help. People with agoraphobia may feel uncomfortable going to the grocery store, using public transportation, or in places with large crowds. 


You may develop agoraphobia after having a panic attack. You may avoid the place or situation where you had the panic attack, fearing it may trigger another panic attack. 


People with agoraphobia may struggle with other mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. 

At Thrive Psychological Services, we understand that phobias are like ghosts that haunt your life. You have to face and conquer them with compassion and expertise. The treatment is a gentle journey. We provide a safe space to explore the causes of your phobia and use evidence-based techniques such as exposure therapy to gradually help you confront and overcome your fears. Our goal is to guide you to a life where phobias no longer control you and you can breathe freely and live without fear. Your health is our top priority, and we are here to support you on your path to a better, fear-free future. 

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At Thrive Psychological Services, we pride ourselves on our collaborative care approach, which aims to work alongside your primary care physician as well as other treating physicians in order to provide you with a personalized and effective treatment plan. In addition, Thrive Psychological Services offers flexible appointment times as well as online teletherapy visits so you can have comfortable and easy access to the care you need. 

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