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Eating disorders are like silent battles within. They’re not just about food but also how we see ourselves. They bring a storm of emotions, from fear to guilt. People with eating disorders may obsess over their weight or food intake, often feeling out of control. 

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Reasons for eating disorders: 

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Eating Disorders QnA

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three common types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder (BED).


Anorexia nervosa


People with anorexia nervosa see themselves as overweight, even when they’re extremely underweight. They severely limit food intake, exercise excessively, vomit, or abuse laxatives to lose weight. 


Anorexia nervosa is the least common type of eating disorder, but the most dangerous. Severely limiting food intake affects the health and function of the body’s organs, leading to permanent damage or death. 


Bulimia nervosa


People with bulimia nervosa have recurring episodes of binge-eating followed by purging. With bulimia nervosa you may feel as though you have no control over your eating during a binge. To compensate for overeating, you try to get rid of the food by forcing yourself to vomit, abusing laxatives, or spending hours working out.




BED is the most common type of eating disorder. People with BED feel like they lose total control over their eating. They eat large amounts of food over a short period of time, even when they’re not hungry. 

Treating eating disorders is like helping a friend find their way back to a healthy relationship with food and themselves. It involves therapy, medical support, and love. 

  •      Therapy: It's like talking through the storm of emotions that trigger the disorder. 
  •     Nutritional Counseling: Learning to nourish the body is like giving it a warm hug. 
  •     Medical Care: It's about healing the body and mind. 
  •     Support Groups: Like finding a circle of friends who understand. 

Recovery takes time, but with these treatments, and guidance from us at Thrive Psychological Services, it's possible to mend the relationship with food and build a healthier, happier life. 

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At Thrive Psychological Services, we pride ourselves on our collaborative care approach, which aims to work alongside your primary care physician as well as other treating physicians in order to provide you with a personalized and effective treatment plan. In addition, Thrive Psychological Services offers flexible appointment times as well as online teletherapy visits so you can have comfortable and easy access to the care you need. 

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